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Kenau by Maarten Treurniet


Kenau, strong unbeatable heroin, leads a successful woman army in a battle against the Spanish occupier.

Driven by grief and hatred following the execution of her youngest daughter, Kenau leads her gang of women into a heroic battle against the Spanish besieger. But because she hides her fears and pain behind a mask of reproach and indifference, Kenau is in danger of losing her other daughter as well…

120’ / DCP / colour

Genre: historical drama
Original title: KENAU
Dir: Maarten Treurniet
Prod: Fu Works (NL)
Co-prod: I’m FILM (HU), Prime Time (BE)       
Sc: Karen van Holst Pellekaan, Marnie Blok           
D.O.P.: Matyas Erdely
Completed: February 2014       
Language: Dutch/Spanish/English/French
Cast: Monic Hendrickx (SONNY BOY, LOTUS), Barry Atsma (LOFT, STRICKEN), Sallie Harmsen (LOFT, THE HEINEKEN KIDNAPPING), Sophie van Winden (CODE BLUE, HAPPY END).     
Festival & awards:
Stony Brook Film Festival - Audience Choice Award Best Feature
Film Festival International du Film Historique in Waterloo - Le Grand Prix Best Film, Best Actrice: Monic Hendrickx , Young Jury Award, European Young Jury Award

Maarten Treurniet:

a.o. THE HEINEKEN KIDNAPPING (2011, feature), ALL SOULS (2005, feature), BIRTH OF THE WESTERN, HOLLAND 1903 (2004, short), FATHER’S AFFAIR (2003, feature), WITHOUT ZELDA (1997, TV film).

Fu Works
Ph: +31 20 530 7110

Sales: Mountain Road Entertainment Group
Ph: +31 6 5394 8986

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