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KEEPER is a documentary about the outsiders in football, and a tribute to the outsiders in life.

In football, most attention is given to scoring goals - to the attackers and the strikers. This film focuses on the individuals between the posts - the goalkeepers. It is a nuanced and at times humorous psychological search for the motivation and wavering character traits of these solitary troopers. By following five peculiar and very different football keepers, this documentary lets the audience in on the excitement of waiting alone (in far too big a goal) for the football action to occupy this end of the pitch.

75' / colour

Original title: KEEPER
Dir: Johan Kramer
Prod: Halal Docs (NL) - Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen
Co-prod: NTR (NL)
Sc: Johan Kramer
D.O.P.: Ton Peters
Completed: September 2019
Language: Dutch, Syrian

Johan Kramer:
a.o. JOHAN PRIMERO (2010, feature), BYE BYE SUPER 8 (2010, short), SING FOR DARFUR (2009, feature).

Halal Docs
Ph: +31 20 639 1402


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