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Kabul, City in the Wind by Aboozar Amini
Kabul, City in the Wind

Kabul, City in the Wind

Kabul as seen through the daily lives of two kids and a bus driver, set against the background of a city destroyed by political and religious powers.

Afshin (12) and his younger brother Benjamin (6) live on a hillside outside Kabul. Violence has become a part of their innocence and the graveyard is their playground. When their father leaves for another country, Afshin's childhood ends abruptly. Abbas is a bus driver with a double personality, a loving father and a ruthless driver who blows his top all the time. His lengthy attempts to fix his broken bus reveal a life torn between truth and lies.

88' / colour

Original title: KABUL, CITY IN THE WIND
Dir: Aboozar Amini
Prod: Silk Road Film Salon (NL) - Jia Zhao
Co-prod: Color of May (DU), NHK Enterprise (JP), KinoKabul (AF)
Sc: Aboozar Amini
D.O.P.: Aboozar Amini
Completed: November 2018        
Language: Farsi

Aboozar Amini:

First feature length documentary.
BEST DAY EVER (2018, short), WHERE IS KURDISTAN (2016, short), Angelus Novus (2015, short), On the String of Forgetfulness (2011, doc), KabulTehranKabul (2010, short doc), And the Fish Knows (2009, short), The Tunnel (2008, short), Tashakanai (2008, short).

Silk Road Film Salon
Ph: +31 6 5348 8758

Sales: Rediance Films
Ph: +86 10 6438 0242

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