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Junkyard by Hisko Hulsing


A man is being robbed and stabbed by a junkie and in that last second before he dies, a youth friendship flashes before his eyes.

Animation / 18' / 35mm,  35mm, DCP, Digital Betacam, DVD, Quicktime / colour

Original title: JUNKYARD
Prod: il Luster Films
Dir: Hisko Hulsing
Language: English (French subtitles)
Completed: April 2012

Hisko Hulsing:
SEVENTEEN (2003, animation), HARRY RENTS A ROOM (1999, animation).

il Luster Films
Ph: +31 30 240 0768

This film is included in the Selected Dutch Shorts 2012

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Press Releases
20-08-2013  Junkyard keeps winning
17-06-2013  Junkyard wins Grand Prix at Shanghai TV Festival
24-09-2012  JUNKYARD Best Short at Ottawa
27-08-2012  BALANCE and JUNKYARD to the Oscars

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