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Joris Ivens Weekend in Shanghai

The European Foundation Joris Ivens in cooperation with Mrs Marceline Loridan-Ivens, wife of Joris Ivens, and the Dutch Culture Centre in Shanghai will present a special programme with documentary films and photographs of Joris Ivens. Mrs Loridan-Ivens will be present to introduce the films.

Joris Ivens (1898-1989) made over 80 films in almost every continent and initiated or supported many organizations to develop a national film culture. In China Ivens has the  honorary title “Friend of the Chinese People”.

Joris Ivens made his first film in China in 1938 called THE 400 MILLION (in collaboration with photographer Robert Capa) in which the music can be heard of ‘The March of the Volunteers, which later on became the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China. THE 400 MILLION supported the Chinese people in their fight against the Japanese invading army.

Before Joris Ivens left China he gave his camera to the Y’anan Movie Group at the Red Army Basis, a key moment in Chinese film history. With this camera the first movies of this Chinese documentary movement were made. From 1956 on Joris Ivens was appointed adviser of the newly founded Chinese Newsreel and Documentary Film Studios in Beijing.

In 1972 Joris Ivens made a long series of 12 hours about China, commissioned by prime-minister Zhou-Enlai. Two parts of this series called HOW YUKONG MOVED THE MOUNTAINS will be screened. 

Joris Ivens received many awards, including a Golden Palm in Cannes, a Golden Lion in Venice, a Golden Bridge in San Francisco, a Félix in Paris, the World Peace Award in Helsinki and the International Lenin Prize in Moscow.

The Joris Ivens Weekend in Shanghai will take place on July 9 and 10, 2010.


Friday July 9th
19:30 – 23:10 hrs

Une Histoire d'un Ballon, le Lycée
Une Histoire de Vent

Saturday July 10th
14:30 – 22:55 hrs

The Spanish Earth
The 400 Million
The Bridge
New Earth
La Pharmacie No. 3: Shanghai
 La Seine a rencontré Paris
…à Valparaiso
Pour le Mistral

For more information, please visit:

If you would like to buy a ticket, please RSVP to tickets@2010dcc.com
or call 150 2657 5312.

Dutch Culture Centre Organisation
M +86150 2657 5312

Ivens Shanghai


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