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Jerome Jerome by Petra Lataster-Cszich & Peter Lataster
Jerome Jerome

Jerome Jerome

Autistic teenager Jerome needs constant attention. How do his patient carers cope with his provocative and unpredictable behavior?

Two days in the lives of autistic teenager Jerome, his coach Kevin and Jerome's mother Anita. Up close and without any comment the film shows how Jerome loves to provoke and test everyone's patience and resilience. His coach at the day care centre is doing his utmost to adapt to Jerome's behaviour. But despite his wit and charm Jerome remains very unpredictable.

73’ / video / colour
Original title: JEROEN JEROEN
Dir: Petra Lataster-Czisch & Peter Lataster
Prod: IDTV Docs
Sc: Petra Lataster-Cszich, Peter Lataster
D.O.P.: Peter Lataster
Completed: November 2011
Language: Dutch (English subtitles)

Petra Lataster-Czisch & Peter Lataster: a.o. NOT WITHOUT YOU (2010, doc), THE THINGS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND (2010, doc), LET ME GO HOME (2009, doc), IF WE KNEW (2007, doc) Awards: a.o. Grand Prix EBS Int. Documentary Festival Seoul, I LIKE TO TOUCH EVERYTHING (2006, doc), THIS WILL NEVER GO AWAY (2005, doc), Ojuna (2005, short doc).

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