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Jano and Shiro, A Brothers' Journey

Jano and Shiro, A Brothers' Journey

When two young brothers flee Syria and arrive in the Netherlands, the dreamed-of destination is less idyllic than they had expected.

35' /  Colour

Original title: Jano & Shiro, A Brother's Journey
Dir: Els van Driel & Eefje Blankevoort
Prod: Prospektor, Laura Verduijn
Co-prod: KRO-NCRV                   
Sc: Els van Driel & Eefje Blankevoort                           
D.O.P.: Ton Peters NSC
Completed: October 2020                   
Language: Arabic, Kurdish, Dutch


Els van Driel & Eefje Blankevoort:
Eefje Blankevoort: o.a. Homo Ludens (2018, short doc) Awards: Audience Award GoShort Int. FF, The Migrant (2018, interactive doc), New (2014, short doc) Awards: Best Short Documentary Seattle Children's FF, Best Short Documentary Mo&Friese Children's Short FF, Joella (2013, interactive doc).
Els van Driel: o.a. This is Me (2020, short doc), Outside Inside (2017, short doc), Safia's Summer (2017, short doc) Awards: Best Documentary KUKI Berlin FF, A year without my parents (2015, short doc) Awards: Cinekid Kinderkast, Best Documentary Chicago Int. Children's FF.


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