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JANINE Cristal Film

Dutch documentary film JANINE, directed by Paul Cohen, has reached the status of Cristal Film for more than 10.000 tickets sold after its theatrical release in The Netherlands on Octdober 6, 2010. 

The film is a  portrait of the brilliant young Dutch violinist Janine Jansen, who must maintain a high media profile as well as performing at concerts and making recordings.

The Golden/Platinum/Diamond Film Award is an initiative presented by the Netherlands Film Festival and the Netherlands Film Fund since 2001. The prize is intended to encourage the Dutch film industry and motivate the general public to go and see Dutch films. The total number of tickets sold after a film's release determines whether a prize is awarded. The Cristal Film is a prize for Dutch documentaries for more than 10.000 tickets sold.

JANINE is produced by IDTV Docs (Suzanne van Voorst) in coproduction with NTR. The film is ditributed in The Netherlands by A-Film.

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