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Jackie by Antoinette Beumer


Two twin sisters embark upon an unexpected, bewildering, touching and life-altering trip with their newfound, enigmatic mother.

Twin sisters Sofie and Daan (33) have been raised by their two fathers. When they receive an unexpected phone call from their- hitherto unknown- biological mother in the US (Jackie) they embark on an amazing adventure that alters their assumptions about everything that they once believed to be true. The trip with the strange and ill adjusted Jackie will change Sofie’s and Daan’s life for good.

100’ / 35mm / colour

Genre: tragicomedy, road movie
Original title: JACKIE
Prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
Dir: Antoinette Beumer   
Sc: Marnie Blok, Karen van Holst           
D.O.P.: Danny Elsen
Completed: mid 2012       
Language: Dutch/English
Cast: Carice van Houten (BLACK BUTTERFLIES, STRICKEN), Jelka van Houten (THE INDIAN, SUMMER HEAT), Jeroen Spitzenberg (TONY 10, TIRZA), Marcel Musters (CHUBBY DRUMS, VIPER’S NEST).

Festivals and awards a.o:
Toronto International Film Festival
Hamburg International Film Festival
Dortmund / Cologne Internationales Frauenfilmfestival
Göteborg International Film Festival
Guadalajara International Film Festival
Pula Film Festival - Best Film Award
São Paulo International Film Festival

Antoinette Beumer:

LOFT (2010, feature), THE HAPPY HOUSEWIFE (2009, feature), SEE YOU IN VEGAS (2007, doc), WILLEMSPARK (2007, TV series).

Eyeworks Film & TV Drama

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