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Jacco's Film by Daan Bakker
Jacco's Film - Jacco is in a happy place, even when he is not...

Jacco's Film

Director Daan Bakker graduated this year from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy with JACCO'S FILM.

Jacco (10) allows the viewer a glimpse into his colourful world of experience. Filled with enthusiasm, he talks about his friends, girlfriends, interests, everyday activities and, – not to be forgotten – the wonders of nature. To Judge by his behaviour, he is an extremely talented, loved and in every respect successful young man. He doesn’t seem to care that his parents are continually quarrelling: Jacco decides how the world works, but how long can he keep it up? ('25)

Directed by Daan Bakker
Screenplay by Daan Bakker and Sammy Reijnaert
Prod: Netherlands Film and Television Academy, ph. +31 20 527 7333

Netherlands Film festival Utrecht 2009
Cinekid Amsterdam 2009
Berlin International Film Festival 2010 - Generation Kplus
Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2009
Salerno Shadowline Festival 2010
Stockholm International Film Festival Junior 2010
Halifax International FilmFestival for Youth Viewfinders 2010
Portugal International Independent Film festival IndieLisboa 2010
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2010 - Kids & Youth Competition
Sancy Film Festival for Young People 2010
München International Film Festival 2010
Umbria Film festival 2010
Seoul International Youth Film Festival 2010
Festival Internacional de Cine Expresión en Corto 2010, Mexico
Cine Sparks 2010, Australia
Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth BUSTER 2010
Southern Youth Film Festival 2010 South-Africa
Brussels Filem'on Children's Film Festival 2010
Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival 2010
Seoul International Family Film Festival 2010
Cinemagic 2010
Southern Youth Film Festival 2010
Filem’on Kinderfilmfestival 2010
SCENECS, The International Debut Film Festival 2010

Nassentein Award, Netherlands Film and Television Academy 2009
NVS Student Award, Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht 2009
NFTVM VERS 10 Audience and Jury Award  





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