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Sheep Hero by Ton van Zantvoort


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International succes for Sheep Hero

12 October 2020

Sheep Hero, the award winning documentary directed by Ton van Zantvoort, won two international awards at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (Austria) last Friday. The film received both the Christian Berger Cinematography Award and the Grand Prize of the City of Innsbruck for Best Environmental Documentary.

Jury statement (Christian Berger): "An unsentimental yet sensitive portrait of a young couple who want to live life their own way. I can observe both what I see and what I cannot see. I experience through the spoken word, a rare quality in documentary works. In Sheep Hero, the camera allows us to participate, demonstrating such splendid use of drone images that I have not seen in a long time and where the atmospheric density and depth is increased so much so, that the film succeeds with a rare fusion of book/direction and camera."

Furthermore, this Wednesday (14 October), the film will be released in France under a new title "No Way". Distributor Juste Doc will bring the film to cinemas across the country.

Sheep Hero is produced by NEWTON Film and seriousFilm in coproduction with Dutch public broadcasters Omroep Brabant and KRO-NCRV. The film world premiered at IDFA in 2018 and since then travelled to more than 80 international film festivals, picking up over 20 awards and 30 nominations along the way. 

In Sheep Hero, shepherd Stijn has a romantic world view, but his idealism clashes with the harsh reality of having to be a modern entrepreneur. In this cinematic documentary we come close to Stijn and his family in their quest to keep the tradition of sheep herding alive. 


For further reading on Dutch Shepherd Stijn Hilgers: www.newtonfilm.nl/films/sheephero

For more information:

Innsbruck Nature Film Festival: www.naturefestival.eu/en

Ph: +31 6 4103 9081

Juste Doc (French Ditributor)
Jacques Pelissier - distribution
Ph: +33 1 4306 1550

World Sales: Films Transit International
Jan Rofekamp
Ph: +31 6 5392 6555

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