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In The Heart by Nicole van Kilsdonk
In The Heart

In The Heart

Masha, a 37-year-old biologist, meets general practitioner Luuk (47) at the butterfly garden where she works. The two are irresistibly attracted to one another and fall in love. Luuk's daughters find it hard to accept their father's new girlfriend and they struggle with divided loyalties. Their mother refuses to accept the new situation as well. Nevertheless, despite all the tensions within the family, Luuk and Masha decide to build a new life together. At which point tragedy strikes...

104' / DCP / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: ONDER HET HART
Dir: Nicole van Kilsdonk
Prod: Waterland Film (NL)
Co-prod: A Private View (BE)
Sc: Peer Wittenbols
D.O.P.: Richard van Oosterhout
Completed: December 2014
Language: Dutch
Cast: Kim van Kooten (THE FAMILY WAY), Koen de Graeve (LIFE ACCORDING TO NINO), Lies Visschedijk (SOOF), Frank Lammers (THE MARATHON).

Cinequest Film Festival (San José, USA)

Nicole van Kilsdonk:
a.o. TAKING CHANCES (2011, feature), HEADING WEST (2010, feature), SECURITY (2009, TV film), HOW TO SURVIVE MYSELF (2008, feature), JOHAN (2004, feature) Awards: Best Film Houston FF, Best Director Palm Beach FF, MAKING WAVES (2003, TV film) Award: Golden Calf Best TV Drama Netherlands FF, MORNING SWIMMERS (2001, TV film).

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