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In the Arms of Morpheus by Marc Schmidt
In the Arms of Morpheus

In the Arms of Morpheus

An exploration of the fantastic and uncontrollable elements of our existence.

It's impossible not to surrender to sleep. The controllable world we are familiar with will sooner or later pass into the intangible and fleeting domain of sleep, in which we are subjected to a fundamentally different way of experiencing things - things that can't be logically explained. In our dreams do we seek again the opportunities we have allowed to slip by during the day, or do we get a glimpse of a greater universe?

90' / colour

Original title: In de armen van Morpheus
Dir: Marc Schmidt
Prod: Doxy (NL) - Janneke Doolaard
Co-prod: KRO-NCRV (NL)        
Sc: Marc Schmidt        
D.O.P.: Jean Counet
Completed: January 2019        
Language: Dutch, Flemish, Sranantongo

Marc Schmidt:

a.o. Guards (2018, doc), The Chimpanzee Complex (2014, doc), Matthew's Laws (2012, doc) Award: Grand Prix-Visions du Réel, Angela's Mission (2010, doc).

Ph: +31 20 422 2607

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