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In His Image

In His Image

Three Israeli families are mourning their sons. Using semen collected after their sons' deaths, they hope to have them live on in a posthumous grandchild.

In His Image follows three cases of bereaved parents who wish to have a grandchild from their dead sons. All three sons died in the course of their military service in Israel, a country which is constantly commemorating its dead soldiers. In absence of legislation, the Israeli army allows families to take semen from their dead sons' bodies and preserve it. The three stories have the same premises, but different outcomes.


71' and 55' /  Colour           

Original title: In His Image
Dir: Tami Ravid
Prod: Witfilm - Iris Lammertsma & Boudewijn Koole
Sc: Tami Ravid                       
D.O.P.: Philippe Bellaïche
Completed: November 2020                 
Language: Hebrew, Russian


Tami Ravid:
First feature length documentary.
a.o. Son Du Serpent (2015, short dance film), The Boy Who Thought He Was All Right the Way He Was (2013, short fiction) Award: Children's Jury Prize Seattle Children's FF, Boy (2012, fiction), Samual (2005, short fiction) Award: Best Short at PanAfrican FF Cannes, Best Short at Puglia Cento Minuti Corti FF.

Ph: +31 20 6885049

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