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In Blue by Jaap van Heusden
In Blue

In Blue

After a flight attendant delivers a child mid-air she gets involved in a confusing mother/lover relationship with a boy living beneath the streets of Bucharest.

When 40-something Dutch flight attendant Lin has to help deliver a baby in mid-air, it leaves her off kilter. In the emotional aftermath she meets Nicu (15), who's living on and beneath the streets of Bucharest, and gets involved in a confusing mother/lover relationship with him.

102' / colour

Genre: drama, psychological drama
Original title: IN BLUE
Dir: Jaap van Heusden
Prod: IJswater Films (NL) - Marc Bary, Steven Rubinstein Malamud
Co-prod: Caviar (BE), NTR (NL), Strada Films (RO)
Sc: Jan-Willem den Bok, Jaap van Heusden
D.O.P.: Melle van Essen
Completed: January 2017
Language: Dutch, English, Romanian
Cast: Maria Kraakman (GUERNSEY, SCHNEIDER VS. BAX), Bogdan Iancu (A FAREWELL TO FOOLS).

Festivals & awards:

Austin Film Festival
Cape Town International Filmarket & Festival
Beijing International Film Festival
Goa International Film Festival of India
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Istanbul International Film Festival
Golden Calf Best Director, Golden Calf Best Script, Golden Calf Best Actress (Maria Kraakman) - Netherlands Film Festival

Jaap van Heusden:
a.o. THE LOST SON (2014, TV film), THE NEW WORLD (2013, feature TV film) Awards a.o.: Int. Emmy Best Actress, THE SACRIFICE (2012, TV Film), DRONE (2011, TV film), WIN/WIN (2010, feature) Awards a.o.: Prix Europe Best Screenplay, I LOVE THE ARMY (2009, short doc).

IJswater Films
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