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In Blue by Jaap van Heusden
In Blue

In Blue

After a flight attendant delivers a child mid-air she gets involved in a confusing mother/lover relationship with a boy living beneath the streets of Bucharest.

When 40-something Dutch flight attendant Lin has to help deliver a baby in mid-air, it leaves her off kilter. In the emotional aftermath she meets Nicu (15), who's living on and beneath the streets of Bucharest, and gets involved in a confusing mother/lover relationship with him.

102' / colour

Genre: drama, psychological drama
Original title: IN BLUE
Dir: Jaap van Heusden
Prod: IJswater Films (NL) - Marc Bary, Steven Rubinstein Malamud
Co-prod: Caviar (BE), NTR (NL), Strada Films (RO)
Sc: Jan-Willem den Bok, Jaap van Heusden
D.O.P.: Melle van Essen
Completed: January 2017
Language: Dutch, English, Romanian
Cast: Maria Kraakman (GUERNSEY, SCHNEIDER VS. BAX), Bogdan Iancu (A FAREWELL TO FOOLS).

Jaap van Heusden:
a.o. THE LOST SON (2014, TV film), THE NEW WORLD (2013, feature TV film) Awards a.o.: Int. Emmy Best Actress, THE SACRIFICE (2012, TV Film), DRONE (2011, TV film), WIN/WIN (2010, feature) Awards a.o.: Prix Europe Best Screenplay, I LOVE THE ARMY (2009, short doc).

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