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I Am a Woman Now by Michiel van Erp
I Am a Woman Now

I Am a Woman Now

The first generation of transsexuals, who had their sex change by the same ‘miracle doctor’,take stock of their lives.

The story of five elderly transsexual women, all treated by the same ‘miracle doctor’, Georges Burou. As long as these ‘patients’ paid, there were no questions asked at his clinic in Casablanca. Do these pioneers feel like total women, and did the operation give them the fulfillment in life they expected? I AM A WOMAN NOW is a film about the pursuit of an almost unattainable dream, about the gap between its realisation and the hard reality that can inevitably follow.

86’ / video / colour
Original title: I AM A WOMAN NOW
Dir: Michiel van Erp
Prod: De Familie
Co-prod: VPRO
Sc: Michiel van Erp
D.O.P.: Mark van Aller
Completed: November 2011
Language: French/German/ English/Dutch (English subtitles)

Michiel van Erp:
a.o. BEATRIX, QUEEN (2009, doc), FEAR (2009, doc), ERWIN OLAF: ON BEAUTY AND FALL (2009, doc), A FUNFAIR BEHIND THE DIKES (2006, doc), DIVINA GLORIA (2006, short), SYLVIA KRISTEL: NU (2006, short doc).

De Familie
Ph: +31 20 663 3303

Sales: CAT&Docs
Ph: +33 1 4459 6353

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