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Hunting and Sons by Sander Burger
Hunting and Sons - The impact of pregnancy on a happy young couple

Hunting and Sons

The impact of pregnancy and impending parenthood on an ordinary young couple.

HUNTING & SONS is a psychological drama with Dutch actors Dragan Bakema and Maria Kraakman playing newlyweds leading a cute suburban life. Everything is perfectly lovely. Then things get even better: Sandra is pregnant. But the good news starts a small crack in the adorable façade and the pretty scenery of their life starts to fall away. Panicked about the future, Tako takes increasingly drastic measures. In his second feature film, director Sander Burger paints a sharp and trenchant portrait of the pitfalls of happiness.

HUNTING & SONS is delivering a razor-sharp account of a bleak and soul-destroying Holland. The film is a study of triviality and everyday superficiality, covering an existential panic (93’, 35mm).

Directed by Sander Burger
Genre: psychological drama
Original title: HUNTING & ZN.
Key cast: Dragan Bakema, Maria Kraakman
Producer: NFI Productions
Expected: February 2010

Sander Burger:
Second feature film

NFI Productions
Ph: +31 10 221 1344


New Directors/New Films Festival in New York, presented by The Museum of Modern Art and The Film Society of Lincoln Center


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