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How to Meet a Mermaid by Coco Schrijber
How to Meet a Mermaid

How to Meet a Mermaid

Coco Schrijber

The sea breaks its silence as it unveils the stories of three protagonists who
find refuge in the sea while in search of a better place.

In HOW TO MEET A MERMAID the sea is a haven for a mankind struggling within an 'indifferent universe'. Protagonists Lex, Rebecca and Miguel have their own reasons to trust in the capricious waters. Through their adventures, the film explores both the obstacles within their lives and those that transcend their diverse personalities: cruise-ship violence, suicide and illegal immigration. Do they find what they so anxiously seek beneath the surface of the sea?

90' / colour

Original title: HOW TO MEET A MERMAID
Prod: Zeppers Film & TV (NL) – Frank van den Engel
Co-prod: Off World (BE), House of Real (DK)
Sc: Coco Schrijber
D.O.P.: Lars Skree
Completed: November 2016
Language: English, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic

Coco Schrijber:
a.o. BLOODY MONDAYS & STRAWBERRY PIES (2008, doc) Awards: Golden Calf Best Doc Netherlands FF, FIRST KILL (2001, doc) Awards: o.a. Audience Award Kosovo International FF.

Zeppers Film & TV
Ph: +31 20 675 8594

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