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Horacio & Johan by Johan Kramer
Horacio & Johan

Horacio & Johan

Photographer Horacio Sequi captured the talent and passion of FC Barcelona players over the past 60 years, including never before seen images of our lost sporting hero Johan Cruyff. More than a documentary, an ode to football and fans alike.

11’ / colour

Original title: Horacio & Johan
Dir: Johan Kramer
Prod: Halal - Gijs Determeijer, Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Western Productions - Esther de Udaeta, Ernest Gual
Completed: March 2017   
Language: English

Johan Kramer:
Johan Primero (2010, feature), Bye Bye Super 8 (2010, short), Sing For Dafur (2008, feature), 0,08 (2006, short), The Other Final (2003, doc).

Ph: +31 20 639 1402

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