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Holland, the Living Delta by Mark Verkerk
Holland, the Living Delta

Holland, the Living Delta

A fascinating journey through Western Europe’s largest delta land, in all of its mystery, breadth and beauty.

Using cutting edge cinematic techniques ranging from eagle’s eye aerial views to unprecedented underwater scenes, HOLLAND, THE LIVING DELTA presents a portrait of the diverse wildlife of the Netherlands as never before seen. Capturing it at a time when new life is flooding back into the delta, the film explores this lush water world through the eyes of five main characters: the white tailed sea-eagle, the beaver, the hare, the stickleback and the large rare blue butterfly.

97’ / DCP / colour   

Dir.: Mark Verkerk
Prod:EMS Films        
Sc: Mark Verkerk           
D.O.P.: Michael Sanderson et al.
Completed: September 2015       
Language: Dutch/English

Mark Verkerk:
a.o. The New Wilderness (2014, doc), Himalaya Alert (2010, short doc), Buddha’s Lost Children Revisited (2009, short doc), Buddha’s Lost Children (2006, doc)  Awards a.o: Grand Jury Award AFI Fest, Silver Dove DOK Leipzig, Jury Prize Newport Beach FF.

EMS Films
Ph: +31 34 874 5711

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