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HIV HIV Hurray by Peter Wingender
HIV HIV Hurray

HIV HIV Hurray

Can a 31 year-old HIV-positive woman find a man who wants to have children with her?

When party-loving globetrotting model Pauline is diagnosed with HIV her world falls apart. Forced into a new lifestyle, she begins to realise that her wild years were all for nothing. But there are still temptations, and she continues to have unsafe sex on occasion. Then, out of the blue, her dream prince appears, a man who even wants a child with her. How does a party girl with HIV become a mother and try to lead a normal family life? 

70’ / video / colour    

Original title: HIV HIV HOERA
Dir: Peter Wingender
Prod: Screentime
Co-prod: Pieter van Huystee Film       
Sc: Peter Wingender           
D.O.P.: Peter Wingender   
Completed: November 2012       
Language: Dutch/English/Italian (English subtitles)   

Peter Wingender:

First feature length documentary.


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