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The Heart of Hadiah Tromp by Erik de Bruyn
Heart of Hadiah Tromp, the

Heart of Hadiah Tromp, the

The navy was serious business, until Hadiah Tromp came aboard.

Quirky Dutch-Jamaican Hadiah Tromp (21), daughter of a naval officer, hates her navy training, while her father thinks it’s exactly what she needs. Hadiah would much rather stay home to listen to her old Ska records. When her boyfriend cheats on her, she decides to finish her training, but she doesn’t feel at home on the naval frigate - and has a real problem with handsome but stern Sergeant Major Paul Borremans. Can the impulsive Hadiah stand tall in the strict navy environment?

90' /  colour

Genre: musical, romantic comedy
Dir: Erik de Bruyn
Prod: IJswater Films - Marc Bary, Steven Rubinstein Malamud
Co-prod: AVROTROS - Mieke de Bruijn  
Sc: Edward Stelder, Erik de Bruyn            
D.O.P.: Remco Bakker
Completed: November 2017
Language: Dutch
Cast: Chloé Leenheer, Valentijn Benard (SLAPSTICK BOBBY), Jacqueline Blom, (LOONIES II), Peter Heerschop.

Festivals a.o.:
Oahu, Honolulu Film Awards -Best Foreign Film
Lake View International Film Festival - Romantic Film of the Month, Best International Feature Film
Five Continents International Film Festival (Puerto de la Cruz) - Best Comedy Film, Best Production Design, Best Screenplay, Best Lead Actress Feature Film, Best Supporting Actor Feature Film and Best Director Feature Film

Erik de Bruyn:
HOPE (2016, TV film), J. KESSELS (2015, feature), RACOON: BLUE DAYS, SONG DAYS (2015, doc), GUITAR BOYS (2013, doc), THE PRESIDENT (2011, feature), NADINE (2007, feature), WILD MUSSELS (2000, feature) Awards: a.o. Dutch Film Critics Award, Youth Award at NFF.

IJswater Films
Ph: +31 20 442 1760

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