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Heart Beat by Hans Somers
Heart Beat

Heart Beat

The impossible love between a shy singer-songwriter and a superstar.

Reserved 15-year-old singer-songwriter Zoë is accidentally hit by the tour bus of 16-year-old pop sensation Mik. When they look into each other’s eyes, sparks fly, but that doesn’t fix Zoë’s ruined bicycle. Her quest to get a new bike from Mik leads to an unexpected kiss. But just when love is about to take off, a jealous friend and an overly ambitious rival torpedo their fragile relationship. Zoë has to get over her stage fright in order to reclaim her chance at happiness.

90’ / DCP / b&w

Genre: children's, family, musical
Original title: HEART BEAT
Dir: Hans Somers
Prod: Kaap Holland Film       
Sc: Anjali Taneja           
D.O.P.: Dirk Jan Kerkkamp
Completed: Autumn 2016       
Language: Dutch
Cast: Rein van Duivenboden, Vajèn van de Bosch, Monsif Bkkali, Stephanie van Eer.

Festivals a.o.:
Jecheon International Film & Music Festival
Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth

Hans Somers:
First feature film.

Kaap Holland Film
Ph: +31 20 3464 7900

Sales: Dutch Features Global Entertainment
Ph: +31 23 888 0168

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