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Haunting History by Femke van Velzen
Haunting History

Haunting History

A haunting history, scarred by the war within South Sudan.

Anuol Deng (30) is a newly qualified lawyer who, after studying in Britain, returns to South Sudan soon after the country’s independence. But coming home is not easy; the readjustment to living and working there holds more challenges than he had ever foreseen. When a new bloody civil war breaks out he suddenly has to flee the same bullets that chased him as a little boy. History is repeating itself and his motherland's violent past begins to haunt him down.

70’ / DCP / colour    

Original title: A HAUNTING HISTORY
Dir.: Femke van Velzen
Prod: IF Productions (NL)
Co-prod: IKON (NL)       
Sc: Femke van Velzen, Ilse van Velzen           
D.O.P.: Rogier Timmermans
Completed: January 2016       
Language: English/Dinka

Femke van Velzen:
a.o. JUSTICE FOR SALE (2011, doc) Awards: Silverback Award Hilliwoord Rwanda FF, Best Documentary Festicab FF Burundi, WEAPON OF WAR (2009, doc) Awards a.o: TRT Int. Documentary Film Award (Turkey), Amnesty International Award Planet Doc Review, FIGHTING THE SILENCE (2007, DOC) Awards a.o: Jury Award Al Jazeera IFF, Jury Award Sucre Human Rights FF, Best Documentary Docupolis, Best Documentary Watchdocs FF.

IF Productions
Ph: +31 6 4227 4665

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