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Don't hunt, what you can't kill.

Liberal politician Gerben Kooistra temporarily becomes mayor of a small town to buy time in solving a ‘private problem'. Soon he discovers that the border village is a hub for drug smugglers, led by hardened criminal Toontje van Wanrooy. What initially looked like an easy assignment turns into a dangerous mission, as he realizes he has to fight Toontje to get back to the top. In the meantime his son falls in love with Toontje's granddaughter and is about to discover the true nature of Gerben's secret.

93' / colour

Genre: black comedy, thriller, TV film
Original title: HALLALI
Dir: Eché Janga
Prod: Pupkin (NL) - Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten
Co-prod: AVROTROS (NL) - Mylène Verdurmen
Sc: Oscar van Woensel, Wouter Laumans
D.O.P.: Gregg Telussa
Completed: October 2019
Language: Dutch
Cast: Tibor Lukacs, Daniel van Wijk, Marieke Groenendijk, Bart Slegers.

Eché Janga:
LE COUP (2015, short), HELIUM (2014, feature) Awards: Golden Calves for Best Camera and Best Music-Netherlands FF, DER KAISER (2014, short), STOCKHOLM (2012, TV film), FOR OBSERVATION (2011, short), MO (2010, short).

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