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Guerrilla Grannies by Ike Bertels
Guerrilla Grannies

Guerrilla Grannies

They risked their lives for freedom after 500 years of colonialism. Now the Grannies struggle to live in a globalized Mozambique.

For 10 years three guerrilla girls risked their lives for freedom and self-determination, after 500 years of Portuguese colonialism. They chose socialism. Director Bertels was touched by the images of Monica, Maria and Amelia who starred in a film about Mozambique’s liberation struggle, and wonders to what extent their ideals have shaped the new Mozambique society. Today the grannies’ concerns are mainly focused on how future generations can live in this new and globalized world.

90’ / video / colour
Dir: Ike Bertels
Prod: DNU Film
Co-prod: Serendipity Films (BE)
Sc: Ike Bertels
D.O.P.: Joao Ribeiro, Bert Haitsma
Completed: January 2012
Language: Portuguese/Yao/ Nyanja (English subtitles)

Ike Bertels:
First feature length documentary. a.o. MONIQUE VAN DE VEN: TRICKS OF THE TRADE (2010, short doc), HAPPILY OLD (2007, TV doc), OVERSEAS – THE LEAVES ALWAYS RETURN TO THE ROOT (2006, TV doc).

DNU Film
Ph: +31 20 422 9469

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