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The Greenaway Alphabet by Saskia Boddeke
Greenaway Alphabet, The

Greenaway Alphabet, The

Peter Greenaway constructs an alphabet for and with his daughter Zoë as a blueprint of his life.

‘Art is life and life is art' is the motto of 75-year old artist and filmmaker Peter Greenaway so for (and with) his daughter Zoë he makes a blueprint of his life, shaped in an alphabet.  'A is for alphabet', 'No, A is for autism. Daddy, you are autistic. You don't even look me in the eyes when you talk to me. You have no friends!' 'That might be true, but then I might have no enemies either'.His wife Saskia Boddeke films Peter as he battles with time: his plans are bigger than his future is long.

68' /  colour      

Dir: Saskia Boddeke
Prod: Beeld- Julia Emmering
Co-prod: NTR               
D.O.P.: Ruzbeh Babol, Sander Snoep, Saskia Boddeke
Completed: November 2017                     
Language: Dutch, English

Saskia Boddeke:

First feature length documentary.

Ph: +31 20 760 0802

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