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Greek Winter by Ingeborg Jansen
Greek Winter

Greek Winter

Ingeborg Jansen

The problems of a heating company in Greece show a society in crisis,
struggling to stay warm, both in a climate sense and in terms of human relationships.

Tasos and his sister Evdokia run a business selling heating oil to their fellow citizens in Thessaloniki. With the economic crisis ever deepening, fewer and fewer Greeks can afford to buy oil. And as their customers struggle to make ends meet, Tasos and Evodkia struggle to keep their business going. They therefore face a stark dilemma: should they refuse oil to people who don’t have the money, leaving them in the cold? How warm or cold is a society when a deep crisis forces everyone to fend for themselves?

65' / colour
Original title: A GREEK WINTER
Prod: Een van de Jongens (NL) – producenten
Sc: Ingeborg Jansen
D.O.P.: Ingeborg Jansen, Stephan Polman
Completed: November 2016
Language: Greek

Ingeborg Jansen:
IN DEBT (2015, doc), ALMOST 18 (2015, doc) Award: Best Doc Istanbul Int.1001
Doc FF, IN THE SHADOW OF A MOSQUE (2008, doc), JAMILA (2005, short doc) Award:
Best Doc Izmir FF, THE DAY I DECIDED TO BE NINA (2000, short doc).

Een van de jongens
Ph: +31 20 894 3628

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