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Golden Oldies by Joost Liewma & Daan Velsink
Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies

In a typical fifties diner a gangly teenager tries to rock'n'roll with the prettiest girl on the dancefloor, but is thwarted by an annoyingly persistent cool dude and a stammering jukebox.

3’ / colour

Genre: comedy
Original title: GOLDEN OLDIES
Dir: Joost Liewma & Daan Velsink   
Prod: Frame Order – Joost Liewma, Daan Velsink   
Completed: June 2016   
Language: no dialogue

Joost Liewma:
a.o. PANIC! (2015, animated short), LEAVING HOME ( 2013, animated short), HOW DAVE AND EMMA GOT PREGNANT ( 2012, animated short).

Daan Velsink:
PANIC! (2015, animated short).

Frame Order
Ph: +31 6 1264 7929

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