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Golden Film Award for EEP! (IEP!)

Golden Film Award for EEP! (IEP!)

Dutch feature film EEP! has reached the status of Golden Film for more than 100.000 tickets sold within ten days after its theatrical release in the Netherlands on February 17, 2010. EEP! premiered on February 15, 2010 during the Berlin International Film Festival.

The Golden Film Award is an initiative presented by the Netherlands Film Festival and the Netherlands Film Fund since 2001. The prize is intended to encourage the Dutch film industry and motivate the general public to go and see Dutch films. The total number of tickets sold after a film's release determines whether a prize is awarded.

EEP!, based on the children’s novel IEP! by Joke van Leeuwen, tells the story of Viegeltje a girl with wings instead of arms. One day Viegeltje is found by Warre and Tine, who want to raise her as a normal little girl. But Viegeltje flies away. Tine is inconsolable, and embarks with Warre on an exhilarating and adventurous journey to find their lost friend…

Viegeltje’s role is played by Canadian Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley. Mieke de Jong wrote the screenplay for the film.

EEP! is a Dutch-Belgian co-production of Lemming Film in collaboration with A Private View and Dutch broadcaster NPS. Independent Films handles theatrical distribution in the Netherlands. EEP! is currently running in 87 theatres across the Netherlands.


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