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Gift From the Ground by Paul Cohen & Martijn van Haaien
Gift from the Ground

Gift from the Ground

This documentary shows how the Dutch cope with the far-reaching and unexpected consequences of natural gas extraction in the northern province of Groningen.

The discovery of natural gas in the northern Netherlands in the late 1950s brought untold wealth, but later on earthquakes as well. As a result, a whole neighbourhood has to be torn down because it is in danger of collapsing. Dutch society has its own way of dealing with these unexpected consequences. Contractors who are assigned to demolish the homes are given a course in 'coping with emotions'; when angry protestors occupy the Safe Housing Centre, they are warmly welcomed and offered coffee.

88' /  colour

Dir: Paul Cohen & Martijn van Haalen
Prod: Selfmade Films - Niek Koppen, Jan de Ruiter
Co-prod: KRO-NCRV
Sc: Paul Cohen                        
D.O.P.: Paul Cohen
Completed: September 2017                  
Language: Dutch, English

Paul Cohen & Martijn van Haalen:

DE HEMEL BOVEN DRESDEN (2013, short doc), BLOOT (2013, short doc), TWEE MANNEN EN EEN ORKEST / MET EXTRA LIEFDE (2011, short doc), PHOTO SOUVENIR (2006, short doc) Awards: Best Short Documentary NFF, DE VOORSTE LINIE (2006, short doc), HOLLANDSE HELDEN (2000, short doc) Award: Best Short Documentary NFF.

Selfmade Films
Ph: +31 20 606 0789

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