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Garden of Life by Marco Niemeijer
Garden of Life

Garden of Life

A different film about Alzheimer's.

When 82-year old Leo, the filmmaker’s father-in-law, starts to lose control of his life due to the onset of Alzheimer’s, he desperately tries to maintain a grip on the small world of his back garden. Every day he inspects all the changes, touches leaves and removes everything that should make way for new growth. But the garden is running wild. And the seasons are going by.

72' /  colour     

Original title: GARDEN OF LIFE
Dir: Marco Niemeijer
Prod: Marco Niemeijer
Post-prod: seriousFilm - Koert Davidse, Marc Thelosen      
Sc: Marco Niemeijer                             
D.O.P.: Marco Niemeijer
Completed: November 2017                   
Language: Dutch

Marco Niemeijer:
Second feature length documentary.
LITTLE ANGELS (2015, doc) Award: Prix Europa best long European documentary.

Ph: +31 6 2073 7277

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