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Ganz; How I Lost My beetle by Suzanne Raes
Ganz; How I Lost My Beetle

Ganz; How I Lost My Beetle

The story of Josef Ganz, the automotive visionary whose designs led to the Volkswagen Beetle and was forced into exile by Hitler's Germany.

Josef Ganz, editor of trade journal Motor-Kritik, amazed Germany by appearing in a revolutionary tiny car in 1932. It was his dream: a people's car that anyone could afford. The idea made its way to new Chancellor Adolf Hitler. But in Hitler's dream there was no place for Jewish inventor Ganz. This is the story of the man whose designs led to the invention of the Volkswagen Beetle, but who ultimately lost everything. In the film, Ganz's relatives and admirers bring his lost heritage back to life.

85' / colour      

Original title: GANZ; HOW I LOST MY BEETLE
Dir: Suzanne Raes
Prod: Submarine - Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix
Co-prod: Lichtblick Film (DE)                  
Sc: Suzanne Raes                                
D.O.P.: Wiro Felix
Completed: February 2019                 
Language: Dutch, English, German, Swiss German

Suzanne Raes:
a.o. 0,03 SECONDS (2017, doc), BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT, COME CLOSER (2015, doc), QUID PRO QUO (2015, doc) Award: Golden Calf Best Short Doc-Netherlands FF, DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER (2013, doc), THE SUCCESSOR OF KAKIEMON (2012, doc) Award: Liliane Steward Award Canada, HOLD ON TIGHT-DE DIJK (2011, doc), STAND BY ME (2010, doc), THE RAINBOW WARRIORS OF WAIHEKE ISLAND (2009, doc) Award: 1st prize-Fica Brazil, THE HOUSES OF HRISTINA (2007, doc).


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