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The Fury by André van Duren
Fury, The

Fury, The

The fury amuses and astonishes the viewer. But when we find out what happened to her in her youth we are left devastated, and a shiver will replace our smile.

We meet Albert Egberts’ Aunt Tini. She is jokingly known as Tidy Tini as her cleaning and polishing is both ferocious and ruthless. She has a relentlessly acerbic tongue, ruining many family celebrations. As a boy Albert eavesdropped on her and tried desperately to fathom what she meant by her semi-explicit faultfinding. As a student he even ended up in bed with her. But once he becomes a father himself, he seems set for a major confrontation in which all family secrets are finally revealed.

113’ / DCP / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: DE HELLEVEEG
Dir: André van Duren
Prod: Sigma Pictures   
Sc: André van Duren           
D.O.P.: Theo Bierkens
Completed: February 2016       
Language: Dutch
Cast: Hannah Hoekstra (HEMEL, APP) Benja Bruijning (THE FAMILY WAY, THE GANG OF OSS) Hadewych Minis (BORGMAN, BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS) Gijs Scholten van Aschat (PUBLIC AFFAIRS, TIRZA) Frank Lammers (THE ADMIRAL, THE MARATHON).

Festivals and awards:
Montreal World Film Festival - Best Actress Award for Hannah Hoekstra
Woodstock Film Festival

André van Duren:

a.o. THE GANG OF OSS (2011, feature) Awards a.o: Special Jury Price Direction Festival des Films Policier Liege, YOUNG KEES (2003, feature) Award: Golden Calf Best Music Netherlands FF, MARIKEN (2000, feature) Awards: Golden Calf Audience Award Netherlands FF, Audience Award Cinekid, Adult Jury Award Chicago Int. Children’s FF.

Sigma Pictures
Ph: +31 20 535 3320

Sales: Incredible Film
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