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Furious by Dave Schram


Sven escapes into his own world, filming his free-running friends, while remaining silent about the beatings he receives at home.

Sven (15) wants to be a movie director and is constantly filming his free-running friends to post the items on Youtube. He asks Roosmarijn, the girl he is in love with, to participate in his first feature film. But under no circumstances can she know about the beatings Sven receives at home.

93’ / DCP / colour

Genre: coming of age
Original title: RAZEND
Prod: Shooting Star Filmcompany
Co-prod: Just Bridge Entertainment, KRO 
Dir: Dave Schram 
Sc: Maria Peters, Dick van den Heuvel   
D.O.P.: Erwin Steen
Completed: October 2011  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Ko Zandvliet, Abbey Hoes, Mingus Dagelet, Juliet Daalder. 

Festivals a.o:
Sarajevo Film Festival
SCHLINGEL - International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience

Dave Schram:
LOVER OR LOSER (2009, feature), JUST LUCK (2009, feature), DESPERATE (2008, feature), TIMBOEKTOE (2007, feature).

Shooting Star Filmcompany
Ph: +31 20 624 7272

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