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Freshers by Lourens Blok


Lieve and Elias are first-year students and best friends. Lieve is the ideal sorority girl. Unfortunately, Elias is in love with her. Together they go to the huge and messy first-year enrolment party. Just as the police arrive and try stop the party, Lieve takes off with older lawyer Bram, a man nostalgic for his student days, Elias feels totally betrayed and in his grief-ridden state collides with a policeman. At which point things begin to turn very ugly…

80’ / DCP / colour

Genre: comedy
Original title: FEUTEN HET FEESTJE
Dir: Lourens Blok
Prod: Pupkin Film
Co-prod: BNN       
Sc: Willem Bosch           
D.O.P.: Jacco van Ree
Completed: October 2013   
Language: Dutch
Cast: Manuel Broekman (THE MARATHON, MADLY IN LOVE), Hanna Verboom (COOL KIDS DON’T CRY, BENNIE BRAT), Tim Murck (BELLICHER: CELL), Daniel Cornelissen (FLIRT).   

Lourens Blok:
a.o. A CHRISTMOOSE STORY (2013, feature), STAY! (2011, feature) Awards: Amnesty Int. Award Giffoni FF, Best Children’s Film Hamburg FF, Don Quijote Award LUCAS Int. Children’s FF, THE SEVEN OF DARAN (2008, feature) Awards: Best Feature Sprockets IFF Toronto, Best Feature Cairo IFF, LOVE, DEATH AND AIR GUITAR (2006, short). 

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