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Fighting Against the Wind
Fighting Against the Wind

Fighting Against the Wind

Amber (12) doesn't have hair so will never know the sensation of the wind blowing through it, like shampoo models. But Amber is positive about her situation. Every year she chooses a new wig and gets to decide what kind of girl she wants to be.

15’ / colour

Original title: Vechten Tegen De Wind
Dir: Denise Janzée
Prod: Hollandse Helden
Sc: Tamara Vuurmans
Completed: October 2017   
Language: Dutch

Denise Janzée:
A COW IN A WRONG BODY (2016, short doc), CHAMPIONS OF AMSTERDAM (2016, doc), MARCO BAKKER: THE WAY BACK (2014, doc), JAMEY'S FIGHT (2013, short), ALONE IN THIS WORLD (2012, doc).

Hollandse Helden

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