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Fidgety Bram by Anna van der Heide
Fidgety Bram

Fidgety Bram

Fidgety Bram is a little boy who just cannot sit still. Which becomes a problem when he starts school.

Fidgety Bram thinks a lot about the world around him. He is looking forward to entering the first grade but unfortunately he ends up in the class of the strict Mr. Fish. The old-fashioned teacher doesn’t care about Bram’s internal, mobile, unfocussed world and does whatever it takes to make him do things right.
Bram’s parents must subsequently struggle with the extent to which their son must adapt without becoming miserable.

80’ / 35mm / colour

Genre: family
Original title: BRAMMETJE BAAS
Prod: BosBros 
Dir: Anna van der Heide
Sc: Tamara Bos   
D.O.P.: Jan Moeskops
Completed: June 2012  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Coen van Overdam, Katja Herbers, Tjebbo Gerritsma, Roosmarijn van der Hoek.  

Festivals & awards a.o:
CINEKID - Amsterdam International Children’s Film Festival
Dubai International Film Festival 
India International Children's Film Festival International Children’s Film Festival
Pune International Film Festival
BUFF - Mälmo Film Festival
Viewfinders - Halifax Atlantic Film Festival for Youth
Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival
Tel Aviv International Children's Film Festival - Honor Prize by the young  jury and Special Mention by the professional jury
Tokyo Kinder Film Festival - Kinder Jury Best Feature Film

Anna van der Heide:
First feature film.
ZARA (2009, TV film), MISSIEPOO16 (2007, short).

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