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FATUM (Room 216) by Ramon Gieling
FATUM (Room 216)

FATUM (Room 216)

When a man is asked to help with a police investigation concerning the disappearance of 3 women, a horrifying truth is confessed during an absorbing 10 hour interrogation.

FATUM is both a documentary and a compiled narration; the film’s spine is derived from footage of an interrogation between a police officer and a suspect, into which is embedded two musicians rehearsing a piece for cello and violin, as well as images of guilty places. The two soloists seem to be a variation on the forced pairing of the detective and the suspect, condemned to be together for hours in the same room. Their music is the soundtrack to an interrogation that becomes more unbearable by the minute.

74' /  colour     

Original title: FATUM (ROOM 216)
Dir: Ramón Gieling
Prod: Thinking Out Loud Productions - Ramon Gieling
Sc: Ramon Gieling, Sylvia Baan                          
D.O.P.: Goert Giltaij, Salvador Gieling, Diego Gutierrez
Completed: November 2017                 
Language: English

Ramon Gieling:
a.o. ERBARME DICH - MATTHÄUS PASSION STORIES (2014, doc), HOME (2014, doc), BLIND FORTUNE (2012, doc), ABOUT CANTO (2011, doc), JOAQUIN SABINA, 19 DIAS Y 500 NOCHES (2008, doc) Award: Best Doc Cinestrat Alicante & Buenos Aires, JOHAN CRUIJFF - EN UN MOMENTO DADO (2004,doc).

Thinking Out Loud Productions
Ph: +31 6 4132 9613

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