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Farmer Jack by Arjan Wilschut
Farmer Jack

Farmer Jack

Jack is forced to take extreme measures to save his farm.

Synopsis: Jack Jansen is leading a happy farmer’s life. When prices suddenly drop, he is caught in a dramatic downward spiral, having to work harder for less money. A salesman and a scientist seem to have a solution, but will this put an end to his trouble? Or could the cure be worse than the disease?

Animation / 14' / DCP, Digital Betacam, DVD, Quicktime (prores 422, h264)  / color

Original title: Boer Jansen
Dir/sc: Arjan Wilschut
Prod: il Luster Productions
Sales: SND Films
Language: no dialogue
Completed: October 2012

il Luster Productions

SND Films

This film is included in the Selected Dutch Shorts 2012

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