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Farewell Paradise
Farewell Paradise

Farewell Paradise

FAREWELL PARADISE shows the search for a truth within a broken family.

After the father of the family left his four young daughters and his wife, the mother did not take care of the children either. What causes parents to suddenly leave their beloved children behind? And how does this influence the children themselves? Farewell Paradise shows one shared history, and from six perspectives six different stories emerge. The film is not an attempt at reconciliation.

75' / colour

Dir: Sonja Wyss
Prod: Basalt Film (NL) - Simone van den Broek
Co-prod: EO/IKON (NL)
Sc: Sonja Wyss
D.O.P.: Stef Tijdink, Reinout Steenhuizen
Completed: February 2020
Language: Swiss German

Sonja Wyss:
SHE/HER (2016, short), WHAT TIME IS IT (2014, graduation film), GREIFENSEE (2013, short doc), WINTERSTILTE (2008, short).

Basalt Film
Ph: +31 10 412 6946



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