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EYE Experimental distribution programs

Eye presents: The Poetics of Plaat - 2 Programs with restored films by Henri Plaat

Ten films by Dutch artist and filmmaker Henri Plaat have recently been digitally restored by the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. The two curated programs presented below offer a cross-section of his cinematographic oeuvre and contain visual experiments and absurdist short fiction films, as well as examples of his lyrical travel films. His work stands out in terms of photographic composition, use of light and colour, as well as experiments with stillness, movement and the use of music. Scenic landscapes, the beauty of decay and places lost in time are recurring themes in his work.

For more information about the programs: 

Henri Plaat programs

Disquiet American: The Animated Collage Films of Martha Colburn

Due to their shape-shifting qualities, it is no easy feat getting to grips with Martha Colburn's animated collage films in one sitting. The ambiguous tension between the comical presentation of her handmade figurines and the deadpan thematic seriousness of the films themselves allows Colburn's work to transcend the extreme and the ridiculous into something more truthful and spellbinding. At the center of the experimental filmmaker's work lies a restless observer who understands art as a strategy for inner catharsis.

This program is the result of Eye's long-term commitment to safeguarding and promoting artists' films. A selection of Martha Colburn's works has already been made available digitally and distributed through the Short Film Pool. This compilation program will be offered both in analogue and digital form and comprises new restorations and digitizations. For this program Eye would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution of Anthology Film Archive. 


For more information about the program:

Martha Colburn Program

FOUND SOUNDS: A Retrospective of Barbara Meter's Avant-Garde Films

After many years of work, the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam has preserved Meter's films, in all their complexity and in close conversation with the artist. FOUND SOUNDS is the first comprehensive retrospective of Barbara Meter's avant-garde films.This all-celluloid program has been curated by Mónica Savirón, and organized in partnership with EYE Filmmuseum. FOUND SOUNDS was originally shown at the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival in Wisconsin (April 22, 2017), Museum of the Moving Image in New York (April 30, 2017), and (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico in A Coruña (June 2, 2017) with the support of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
The program is available for screening from November 2017 on and is distributed by EYE Experimental.

Screenings: Light Cone Scratch Screening, december 2019; Ann Arbor Film Festival 2019; Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2019; Austrian Filmmuseum, June 2019  

For more information about the program:

Barbara Meter program


Joost Rekveld programs: The Motors of Invention & Light Matters.


In 2015 the works of internationally renowned Dutch multimedia artist Joost Rekveld were added to the EYE collection.
This was the starting point of an elaborate restoration of his early works, undertaken in close collaboration with Rekveld himself, which has resulted in two curated programs of his abstract films.
These are available for screening from January 2017 on and are distributed by EYE Experimental.

For more information about the two programs:

Joost Rekveld programs

Joost Rekveld programs

For more info and bookings, please contact:
EYE Experimental - Edith van der Heijde