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En Route
En Route

En Route

When Inay (9) and her little brother join their father on a special trip through the city, she tries everything to force a delay. Because she knows that if they arrive late at their destination, she will be rewarded with sweet desserts.

10‘ / colour

Genre: children's, drama
Original title: EN ROUTE
Dir: Marit Weerheijm
Prod: Room for Film - Loes Komen, Eva Verweij
Completed: October 2019
Language: Dutch

Marit Weerheijm:
BEFORE DARK (2018, short), WHEN GREY IS A COLOUR (2016, graduation short) Awards: a.o. Student Academy Award for Best Foreign Narrative Film, Jury Award-TIFF Kids FF.

Room for Film
Ph: +31 6 293 62360


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