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Elli by Esther Urlus


Calm shots of a seascape also examine optical colour mixing using various flicker effects. Shot on the exact spot in Greece that marked the country’s entrance into World War II.
Elli is filmed in a fixed camera position overlooking the sea. The changing reflection of the light on the water visualizes that time passes. It's a seascape totally indifferent to the violence that took place and its role it played in history. In this case at 8:25 am on 15 August 1940 when, near the small island of Tinos in Greece, an Italian torpedo boat attacked the Elli during peacetime. It got hit, caught fire and sank. It was the beginning of Greece's involvement in World War II.

8’ / 16mm / colour

Genre: experimental
Original title: Elli
Dir: Esther Urlus
Prod: Esther Urlus
Sc: Esther Urlus
Language: no dialogue
Completed: 2016

Esther Urlus:
Abandoned Interiors (2001, short), Iso (2006, short), Idyll (2008, short), Audition (2011, short), Deep Red (2012, short), Rode molen/Red Mill (2013, short), Chrome (2013, short), Konrad & Kurfurst (2014, short), Hometown (2015, co-dir)

Distributor: EYE Experimental
Ph: +31 20 589 1446

Festival selections: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016; VideoEx Zürich 2017

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