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Eep! - Is it a girl or is it a bird?


One day Warre and Tine find Birdie, a little girl with wings instead of arms. While Tine tries to raise Birdie as a normal little girl, the creature flies away to the South. Tine is inconsolable, and so she embarks with Warre, on an exhilarating journey to find her lost friend…

Key cast: Huub Stapel, Joke Tjalsma, Diederik Ebbinge
Producer: Lemming Film
Original title: IEP!
Release: February 17, 2010 in Dutch cinemas

Festivals a.o:
Berlin International Film Festival - Generation Kplus

Sales: Attraction Distribution
Ph: + 1 514 846 1222


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Press Releases
01-03-2010  Golden Film Award for EEP! (IEP!)
14-01-2010  Lucky Seven: 7 Dutch films in Berlin 2010
05-01-2010  EEP! Selected for Berlin 2010

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