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DUTCH TOUCH 2 launched at Cinekid

Amsterdam, October 15th 2014

On Thursday October 16th at the Cinekid Festival THE DUTCH TOUCH 2 is presented, an international publication about the Dutch children- and youth film culture. The many feature films, shorts, documentaries and new media projects from the Netherlands are very successful nationally as well as internationally. With The Dutch Touch 2 EYE International wants to celebrate this success.

In 2012 EYE International already published two separate international publications about children’s feature films and documentaries, called The Dutch Touch. In the second edition, all children’s film productions are now brought together: from feature films and shorts, from documentaries to new media projects.

A thriving children’s film culture has emerged in The Netherlands in  the past 25 years because of the effort of passionate filmmakers and the continuous support from funds and public broadcasters. This has led to hundreds of successful films, documentaries and new media projects, which receive much esteem –both national and international- in cinema’s, on television, online and at festivals. The Dutch film productions for children have become a household brand.

The Dutch Touch 2 takes a look behind the scenes on the realisation of this children’s film culture: the history, the filmmakers, structures, policies and various initiatives. The book also contains a catalogue with the highlights of the past 25 years, all new films of the past two years and some facts and figures about the industry.

The Dutch Touch 2 is a publication of EYE International and is supported by  the Netherland Film Fund, Film Producers Netherlands, NPO Sales and Cinekid. You can order a copy of The Dutch Touch 2 with EYE International.

Please click here for a PDF version of THE DUTCH TOUCH 2.

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