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Berlin International Short Film Festival Interfilm 2009


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Dutch shorts in the spotlight in Berlin

During the 25th edition of the Berlin International Short Film Festival - Interfilm, Dutch short films will get special attention with a ‘Focus on the Netherlands’ programme.

Interfilm will focus on Dutch Docs Railplan 68 (Louis van Gasteren, 1953), Zoo (Bert Haanstra, 1962), The Reality of Karel Appel (1962), Hong Kong (HKG) (Gerard Holthuis, 1999), De Zone (Ben van Lieshout, 1999) and .njinok (Leo Wentink, 2004).

The section ‘Fate, Faults and Family’ will show Dutch shorts from the early nineties and recent shorts in which little children not always turn out to be little angels, but are mixing up their environment diligently, showing Missing (Jochem de Vries, 2009), Long Distance (Dick Maas, 2003), Engel & Broer (Hanro Smitsman, 2004), Contact (Hanro Smitsman, 2006), Dummy (Diederik Van Rooijen, 2006), Sand (Joost van Ginkel, 2008), Teddy (André Bergs, 2005), Dajo (Hanro Smitsman, 2003), My Dear Grandma (Marta Abad Blay, 2008), Gitanes (Mark de Cloe, 1997).

‘Slip ups’ shows fascinating fictional worlds with Success (Diederik Ebbinge, 2008), The Chinese Wall (Sytske Kok, 2002), Road (Daniel Bruce, 2007), Notice (Roelof van den Bergh, 2004), Met Handen en Voeten (Vincent van Zelm, 2009), .reteP (Mathijs Geijskes, 2009), About Fish and Revolution (Margien Rogaar, 2008), Impasse (Bram Schouw, 2008), Dilemma (Boris Paval Conen, 2005), Lucide (Ferry van Schijndel, 2009), The Driving Test (Talullah Shwab, 2005).
To conclude, Interfilm presents Dutch animated films, from the 30’s up to now: 3 Misses (Paul Driessen, 1998), Mortel (Remco Polman, 2006), Notebook (Evelien Lohbeck, 2008), Anna & Bella (Borge Ring, 1985), De groote Philips Revue (George Pal, 1937), The Phantom of the Cinema (Erik van Schaaik, 2008), Pas a Deux (Gerrit Van Dijk, Monique Renault, 1988), Stop the Greenhouse Effect (Menno de Nooijer, Paul De Nooijer, 1992), Stiltwalkers (Sjaak Meilink, 2002), Father and Daughter (Michael Dudok de Wit, 2000), Escape from Paradise (Freark Broersma, 2003).

Berlin International Short Film Festival Interfilm takes place from November 9 – 14, 2009 in Berlin.


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