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Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival 2017

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Dutch shorts at Clermont-Ferrand 2017

For the 39th edition of the International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand seven Dutch short films have been selected. Three films are selected for the International Competition: A Sunny Day by Liang Ying, Honey and Old Cheese by Yassine El Idrissi and Greetings from Kropsdam by Joren Molter. Green Screen Gringo by Douwe Dijkstra will be screening in the Lab Competition. Pommes Frites by Balder Westein is selected for the Panorama section Humour noir. For the Young Audience Programme Golden Oldies by Daan Velsink & Joost Lieuwma is selected. Snapshot (KIEKJE) by Arthur van Merwijk will have a special screening in Ciné Piscine.

For more info, see below. For the complete line-up with screening times, just click here.

International Competition
A Sunny Day (live action/25’ /colour/2016)
Dir: Liang Ying
Prod: Smarthouse Films - Danielle Guirguis
Sales: International Film Festival Rotterdam
A woman from Hong Kong planning to join the umbrella protests goes to visit her father, who is moving to an old folks’ home.
Programme I-10
Saturday 04    10:00    Agnès Varda
Sunday 05    16:00    Genova
Monday 06    20:15    Cocteau
Tuesday 07    15:00    Vian
Wednesday 08    19:00    Agnès Varda
Thursday 09    15:00    Capitole 1
Friday 10    10:00    Genova
Saturday 11    15:00    Hospital

Honey and Old Cheese (live action/25' /colour/2016)
Dir: Yassine El Idrissi
Prod: Smarthouse Films - Danielle Guirguis
Sales: International Film Festival Rotterdam
Hassan (17) prepares to leave his mountain village in Morocco to join his father in the Netherlands. But how do you leave your home? And what do you take with you?
Programme I-7
Saturday 04    13:00    Capitole 1
Sunday 05    22:15    Cocteau
Monday 06    17:00    Capitole 1
Tuesday 07    16:00    Genova
Wednesday 08    19:00    Capitole 1
Thursday 09    17:00    Agnès Varda
Friday 10    16:00    Cocteau
Saturday 11    20:15    Petit Vélo

Greetings from Kropsdam (live action/24’ /DCP/colour/2016)
Dir: Joren Molter
Prod: Netherlands Film Academy - Jesper Olyve
Festivals: Some Shorts
Lammert has no mischief, but he becomes the victim of the stifling effect of a community, which already has chosen his scapegoat.
Programme I-14
Saturday 04    13:00    Hospital
Sunday 05    19:00    Vian
Monday 06    21:00    Hospital
Tuesday 07    17:00    Agnès Varda
Wednesday 08    12:00    Cocteau
Thursday 09    10:00    Genova
Friday 10    20:15    Cocteau
Saturday 11    12:00    Petit Vélo

Lab Competition
Green Screen Gringo
(experimental documentary/16’ /colour/2016)
Dir & prod: Douwe Dijkstra
Festivals: Some Shorts
Behind a green screen, a foreigner journeys through an enchanting - yet turbulent - Brazil. A place where the streets are a stage for politics, art and affection, and where a gringo can only watch.

Programme L-1

Saturday 04    13:00    Vian
Sunday 05    21:00    Vian
Monday 06    11:00    Hospital
Tuesday 07    17:00    Vian
Wednesday 08    15:00    Hospital
Thursday 09    13:00    Vian
Friday 10    21:00    Hospital
Saturday 11    12:00    Conchon

Panorama - Humour noir

Pommes Frites
(animation/2’ /colour/2013)
Dir: Balder Westein
Prod: il Luster Films
Sales: SND Films
On a cold and windy night, three trick-or-treaters decide to ‘treat’ the one kindly soul they encounter to a truly horrific sight…

Programme: HN-1

Saturday 04    18:00    Petit Vélo
Sunday 05    10:00    Genova
Monday 06    15:00    Vian
Tuesday 07    21:00    Hospital
Wednesday 08    11:00    Hospital
Thursday 09    15:00    Vian
Friday 10    18:00    Petit Vélo
Saturday 11    19:00    Vian

Young Audience Programmes
Golden Oldies (animation/3’ /colour/2016)
Dir: Daan Velsink & Joost Lieuwma
Prod: Frame Order – Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink   
In a typical fifties diner a gangly teenager tries to rock'n'roll with the prettiest girl on the dancefloor, but is thwarted by an annoyingly persistent cool dude and a stammering jukebox.
Programme: EVAC
Saturday 04    16:00    Petit Vélo
Sunday 05    10:00    Petit Vélo
Sunday 05    15:00    Rio
Sunday 05    16:30    Rio
Monday 06    18:00    Lumière
Wednesday 08    10:00    Genova
Friday 10    17:00    La Jetée
Saturday 11    10:00    Petit Vélo

Special programmes - Ciné Piscine 

Snapshot (KIEKJE) (animation/3’ /colour/2012)
Dir: Arthur van Merwijk
Prod: Frame Order & Breinmonster animatie producties - Daan Velsink
Sales: SND Films
A couple of well-meaning day-trippers miss all the animal activity that takes place right under their noses in an idyllic forest clearing.
Programme: CP-1
Friday 10    19:30    Stade nautique

EURO Connection 2017 - European Short Film Co-production Forum
Circus Fondantini (animation)
Dir: Patrick Raats
Prod: Smarthouse Films – Danielle Guirguis
Mother Fondantini begs her son to leave the circus after fatal accidents in their loving circus family. And so Jack lives a normal life, wealthy and successful but empty and shallow, until his mother passes away…
Pitching Session:
Tuesday  7,  09:45 Pitching Session 1

For the complete line-up with
screening times, just click here.

International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand, 3 - 11 February 2017
EYE International @ the Short Film Market in Clermont-Ferrand: stand # 28 SEENL


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