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Dutch Focus at Rencontres Internationales Berlin 2020

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Dutch Focus at Rencontres Internationales Berlin 2020

28 August 2020

From August 26 – 30 the Rencontres Internationales Berlin is held both online and at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. The festival is a showcase for new cinema and contemporary art and features performances, exhibitions, screenings and a forum. 

This year the festival presents, in collaboration with the Dutch embassy, a special “Focus on the Netherlands” section. The program contains performances by multidisciplinary artist Daan Couzijn, also known as Cousin, (Buried in the Rain (2020) and Blood (2020)) audiovisual artist and composer Zeno van den Broek (Paranon (2020)) and the multi-screen installation of Sebastian Diaz Moralez’ work Talk with Dust (2018-2019). 

Among the film screenings Dutch artists Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukacs present their work All or Nothing at All (2019) in collaboration with Danish singer Nina Vadshølt. Their  characteristic use of video game techniques and digital photography to create an almost post-apocalyptic landscape combined with the angelic re-interpretation of Frank Sinatra’s song All or Nothing at All by Vadshølt creates both beauty and uncanniness.

Thomas Mohr, who is originally from Germany but has been based in the Netherlands for many years, presents Matters of Time (2019). A reflection of his journeys between Berlin and Hiroshima in a matrix of images taken from the artist’s Facebook timeline. 

The works by Sebastian Diaz Moralez, Zeno van den Broek, Broersen & Lukacz and Thomas Mohr are distributed by Amsterdam based platform for media art, new technologies and digital culture LIMA.

From the Eye Experimental catalogue two works are part of the Dutch focus at Rencontres; The Silent Ray (2019) by Rotterdam based visual artist Rosella Nisio and That Which Is to Come is Just a Promise (2019) directed by Italian art collective Flatform and co-produced by Dutch producer Marc Thelosen for SeriousFilm. 

Nisio graduated in 2019 from Piet Zwart Institute at the department of Lens Based Media with a multimedia format of The Silent Ray. The work is a downwards exploration of the sometimes destructive desire of individuals to challenge mediocrity and break free from it. It is based on photographs the artist’s grandfather made when  he was fighting as a voluntary member of the fascist militia in Ethiopia in 1935-36.

Flatform’s That Which Is to Come is Just a Promise is a poignant visual documentary essay on the local effects of climate change. In a long sequence through Funafuti island, the state of drought and flooding alternate fluidly, and without interruption. It had its world premiere at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Cannes 2019 and is a co-production between Dugong Films (IT), Blueskin Films (NZ) and SeriousFilm (NL) and was supported by the Netherlands Film Fund. 

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