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Take Me Somewhere Nice by Ena Sendijarevic

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Dutch films off to New Horizons

23 July 2019

Two feature films from the Netherlands and eight co-productions have been selected for the upcoming edition of the New Horizons International Film Festival.

Selected for New Horizons International Competition is Ena Sendijarevic's Take Me Somewhere Nice, produced by Pupkin Film (sales: Heretic Outreach). The competition includes 12 titles in total, all discoveries by 12 filmmakers with original ideas, unique vision and artistic bravado. Take Me Somewhere Nice world premiered in Tiger Competition in Rotterdam where it won the Special Jury Award and celebrated its international premiere in Cannes' L'ACID. The film is about a young woman from Holland, who travels to Bosnia to visit her sick father and finds herself on an increasingly unpredictable adventure through the country's scorching heartland.

Dirty God by Sacha Polak, produced by Viking Film (sales: Independent Film Company), is presented in the The Body I Live in section. Since it opened the International Film Festival Rotterdam the film has been doing very well in the international circuit. It had its international premiere at Sundance and has already been selected for a large number of other festivals worldwide. Dirty God tells te story of Londoner Jade, who is alienated from her young daughter after an acid attack leaves her facially disfigured, and finds solace in a hedonistic lifestyle and internet sex.

The following Dutch minority co-productions are also included in the programme of the Polish film festival, all of them are recent and current festival favourites:

The Best of Dorien B. by Anke Blondé, NL Co-producer: Viking Film
Girl by Lukas Dhont, NL Co-prod: Topkapi Films
Holiday by Isabella Eklof, NL Co-prod: OAK Motion Pictures
Monos by Alejandro Landes, NL Co-prod: Lemming Film
The Miracle of the Sargassso Sea by Syllas Tzoumerkas, NL co-prod: PRPL
A Tale of Three Sisters by Emin Alper, NL Co-prod: Circe Films
Too Late to Die Young by Dominga Sotomayor, NL Co-prod: Circe Films
Zama by Lucrecia Martel, NL Co-prod: Lemming Film

The 19th New Horizons international Film Festival takes place 25 July - 4 August: www.nowehoryzonty.pl




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